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Friday, 25 November 2011

~I hate this kind of feeling~


Hye bloggers...Hope today is more shiner than yesterday. Lately i just  feel lonely and i think i missing something but i`m not sure what it is. Is my ego on me? Even my feeling is unstable right now i hope i will doing my job perfectly and do not let it affect my work. (yurp..i`m completely miserable..T_T)...

I`m telling myself no more tears after this because i want to be a strong person. If i got the chance to prove it, i will do it. But it seem happened to me then... sigh*..

5 years???? nothing is valuable with the number right?. Silence can heal the problem. Sounds right. I just want to make a surprise for you but it goes wrongly. Perhaps i got my best friend here to let it out. 

When i`m in miserable situation i love to speak in this kind of language. Maybe i should hide in the cave i think. huhu

P/S: Just give me time to think about it..I know you read this. Time, please going faster..

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